Harrisena Community Church

"The Little Church On the Ridge"

Our Core Beliefs:

Harrisena Community Church is a non-denominational community church, founded 150 years ago, to provide residents of northern Queensbury a location to conduct worship. We have developed into an inclusive, welcoming Christian community who welcomes those with a diversity of beliefs, who shares in the Christian principles of faith, love, and service to others, and who joins together to strive to understand and utilize the teaching of Christ in today’s world.

At Harrisena, we believe diversity is a blessing.
We believe that the message Jesus of Nazareth brought to humankind is as relevant today as it was 2,000+ years ago.
We believe that this message is one of healing and transforming love that breaks down barriers – a message of welcome, inclusion, equality, respect, forgiveness, and care for all people and the earth.
We believe that this message, rather than the particular institutions conveying it, forms the most enduring foundation for a life well-lived – in other words, a life lived in the divine image.
We believe that each of us is free to understand and worship God in our own ways.
We believe that faith is enriched by human reason, not in conflict with it.

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