Harrisena Community Church Stay up to date with Harrisena Community Church news. http://harrisena.org November 2017 "I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19 NRSV http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=45 October 2017 "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11, NIV http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=44 July/August 2017 Congratulations to our 2017 Graduates and also to our 2017 Scholarship Winners! http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=43 May 2017 “Introduction to the Book of John”, Shut-in Visitation, New Member Class, “What I Prayed for”, Scholarship Committee, Missions Committee, Trustee Report, Women’s Association Report, Music Committee, Worship Committee, VBS 2017 and more... http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=42 January 2017 From The PastorMahatma Gandhi said, “How beautiful it would be if all of us, young and old, men and women, devoted ourselves wholly to truth in all that we might do.” http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=41 December 2016 Notice of Annual Meeting The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Harrisena Community Church will be held on Sunday, December 4, 2016, in the sanctuary as part of the 9:30 AM worship service. The Church Council has elected to dispense with the Friday-evening portion of the annual meeting unless a special request is made for discussion of any important issues that a member or friend wishes to present to the congregation. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=40 November 2016 I would like to take a moment to update you on the deliberations and two key decisions made by your Council this month regarding some of the matters we have been considering over the past few months. Interim Pastor & Strengthening Harrisena’s Relationship with American Baptists Churches of NY. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=39 October 2016 Stewardship – More than a Pledge http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=38 July / August 2016 Going Forward with Grace, Hope and Forgiveness http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=37 December 2015 This holiday season, I wish you more joy than you ever imagined. I pray for you the riches of the Lord’s love and creativity. Most of all, I wish for you to know that you were created for a purpose, in love, and that your life is a gift to this world. Join us, please, this month, as Harrisena Community Church celebrates God’s enduring goodness together. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=36 November 2015 The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Harrisena Community Church will be heldon Sunday, November 15, 2015, in the sanctuary as part of the 9:30 AM worship service. The Church Council has electedto dispense with the Friday-evening portion of the annual meeting unless aspecial request is made for discussion of any important issues that a member orfriend wishes to present to the congregation. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=35 May 2015 "New life—all life, actually—is inevitably messy and a little chaotic at times, but we are managing magnificently here on Ridge Road. Thank you all for your grace and truth. You bless me, as well as my family, every day." http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=34 April 2015 "The world is in an uproar on multiple political and social fronts (though, to be fair, that has probably been the case since humans entered the existential arena). People are suffering, here in our community and elsewhere. It exhausts the soul to contemplate. Winter is a season of both exterior nature and interior soul." http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=33 March 2015 In this Lenten season, as we reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross, on the hard truths of what happens when God’s loving light frightens humans sitting in the shadow of darkness, I invite you to rest in the peace that grounds even the deepest struggle—the peace of the good Lord who gives us breath and life and the tenacity to push on. Christ is risen, indeed—always rising, always shining, in our souls and our lives, however cold the days. Alleluia. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=32 February 2015 "And I welcome you to join us at Harrisena for both worship and our upcoming events, as we glory in God’s extravagant love and do our best to express that love to everyone we meet!" http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=31 December 2014 Lord, You are fierce,you are ancient, you are beauty, and you surprise us at every turn. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=30 November 2014 Memory is a gift, but it’s also a curse. And thanksgiving depends on our remembering; Jean BaptisteMassieu said that “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” We remember our blessings, call them forth, in avery visceral, immediate way when we give thanks. http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=29 October 2014 "True fullness of perfection is not in mastery, but in learning and creating and sometimes simply perseveringalong the way. Likewise for abundance: it’s not just how much of something wehave but the kind of good faith, love, care, and hope that go into the giving." http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=28 September 2014 "At Harrisena Community Church, we are experiencing a collective “whoa” moment. Alot has happened in the past months." http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=27 July / August CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2014 GRADUATES http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=26 June 2013 “To TV or not to TV …that is the Question!” http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=25 May 2013 Global Agenda Council on Values http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=24 April 2013 WHAT ABOUT NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE? http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=23 March 2013 ‘WHERE WERE YOU?’ http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=22 February 2013 THE HUNGRY SPIRIT http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=21 January 2013 Adult Study for the Winter Quarter http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=20 December 2012 Deck the Halls with Harrisena. A Community Christmas Celebration. Join us for an evening of food, fun, and holiday cheer! http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=19 November 2012 The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Harrisena Community Church will be held November 18th, 2012 http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=18 October 2012 SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION: Keys to Better Jewish-Christian Understanding http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=17 July / August 2012 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2012 GRADUATES http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=16 May 2012 A MILE IN YOUR SHOES “Love… does not insist on its own way.” – 1 Corinthians 13: 5 http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=15 April 2012 DOING NOTHING FOR LENT http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=14 February 2012 “BIBLICAL POLITICS” - What does that mean as we approach another major election? http://harrisena.org/news/index.asp?w=news&q=detail&nid=13